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Meet Jaci

Hey you!  So glad you are here.

Watcha wanna know about me?  Creative mother to 3 fab kids, now of school age & married to my beloved.  Generally fail to close cupboard doors, put things away after I’ve used it and tend to kill courgette (zucchini) plants on my adored allotment.  I swear at slugs.  A lot.  Seriously.   They deserve it.

I had severe PND/Anxiety/Exhaustion with my second baby after finding the first one relatively easy.  It all came crashing down around my smug ears.  Looking back I had basically exhausted my adrenals after 3 years pregnant, breastfeeding & miscarriage.  I was in a very bad way.

So I had to rebuild myself from the ground level up, because that’s where I was – on my knees on the kitchen floor, crying into a bucket.  In doing so I shed some of my beliefs about how I should Mother, and who I should be, now I was mummy.

You can read the longer version from my upcoming book on the About page, but short story – I used Nutrition, Creativity and a shed-load of ‘Letting Go’ & Inner Work to get back to the ‘Me’ I remembered, from before Motherhood.

Now one of my greatest joys and my passion is helping other mothers get back to their sweet, spirited selves.  It’s there, my love, and its possible.  So very possible.

So, are you Ready to re-ignite your Spark?