Ready to get Clear on how you want to be in 2018?

Feeling overwhelmed and out of touch with yourself?
  • Do you feel out of touch with YOU?

  • Are you one tired Mama in the busy-ness of family life?

  • Love your crazy kids, but wonder what is missing?

  • Ready for something just for You?

  • Are you ready for 2018 to be Big & Beautiful in the way that you decide?

Thank goodness you are here –  Welcome home!

When I met Jaci three years ago, straight away I was struck my her warmth and energy.  Her desire to engage and genuine curiosity about people’s life and daily struggles made me quickly feel at ease with her.  I had heard about CYBBY but was cynical – even having become firm friends with her.  

The following year I decided to just give it a go -still cynical really but with my youngest having started school I was feeling a little lost and was was confused about my role and place in the family and life as a whole.  

The course was amazing and was just the start of the journey for me.  It opened my eyes to new possibilities greater than just cooking, cleaning and childcare.  I had never allowed myself to dream about what I wanted or what made me happy – in fact I couldn’t even answer that question a year ago.  

Through the course and lots of further sessions with Jaci I have conquered fears, rediscovered me and achieved things I never felt possible.  My anxiety is lessened, my self-esteem growing.  

I am getting on a plane – not attempted that in ten years and now have my own small craft business and have shown at two craft fairs….life has opportunities and I realise I am important.  

Please try it – you won’t know until you start this process the difference it will make! 

Why is this important you may ask?  You need to be healthy yourself before you can parent the best way possible.  If I am not functioning then I can not mother the way I want.  

I realise now I am not a bottomless pit and I need refuelling and refilling.  

Taking time for me is ok!

Michelle H

Get ready to Create your Big Beautiful Year in this 6 week easy to follow online course

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in depth 99 page PDF workbook

Tips and tools for self discovery

Sisterhood support and Connection

Fun creative workshops

Weekly group coaching Calls

Access to course materials for year.

Ongoing checklist for year

Bonus MP3 Meditations

Before working with Jaci, here is where I felt locked in, unhappy, stifled but after our time together, I was able to feel more acceptance,  more creativity,  worthiness,  ability to be more able to say ‘no’, broader thinking and as a result, I am happier and allow myself to feel more joy and not stick to rigid social guidelines.

Mary L

Thank you for the most amazingly transformational course, it has been so profound. It is Already changing how I feel, what I do and the choices I am making. I will be forever in your debt. It is truly inspirational working with you. Thank you!

Megan One Life Coaching

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