How to Rock a supporting Role

A close loved one of mine is experiencing some mental health issues.  I cannot share any more than that because it isn’t My story. 

My role in this can only ever be as support.  The script isn’t mine to change.

I can only be the supporting actress in this script.  Which is really hard for someone who likes to be in control.

Obviously I am gunning for Best Supporting Actress, because, y’know, #controlwhatyoucan!  

So, all I can do is to keep releasing on my desire to be in control of this and to make it all better.  I am a healer, of sorts, so not being the one who can effect change is annoying to say the least.

Therefore, I find myself, here, sat on my bed with my Not-Cat*, meditating, finding strength and going through some of the releasing processes I take my clients through to find my way to peaceful acceptance.  

* For those of you who don’t follow me on social media, we don’t own any pets, but we have a cat that is not ours – our Not-Cat – that keeps coming round, loving on us & fighting with the neighbour’s cat. 

We have traced his owners, so know he is well loved and fed.  But seriously.  He is here almost all the freaking time, wanders in & goes around to see each person and love them up. 

He is also a Healer.  We adore him, obviously, and bonus we don’t have any food or vet bills! *

I am writing out my version of how I want the script to go, and releasing all my attachments to my desired outcome. 

This isn’t fun work, people.  It involves a shittone of ugly crying, anger, sadness and frustration. 

But ultimately, I know it will take me to Ease, because it usually does. 

And I will probably need to do some again tomorrow or the next day and the one after that, when new stuff comes up to be cleared.  Just like taking a shower, or cleaning my teeth.

Because in doing the releasing work, it means if I feel clear and well, I can be a better Mumma, Wife, Coach, Friend.  And I can be present to the Loved One’s pain, without it reflecting on my own quite so hard.

And even just a small improvement can make a difference.

If you need me, I’ll be Doing the Work.  

(If you also want to feel lighter and free-er, I am teaching some of these techniques in my upcoming course.

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In the meantime, here are some pictures of Not-Cat and me, at the Oscars, winning Best Supporting Actress.  I think we rocked it!