This is what Self-Care can look like

One of the issues that comes up time and time again with my clients is how well we look after ourselves as Mothers.

Y’know, like even being on your own to-do list!

What does Self Care look like for you?

I find that sometimes it’s about pushing through the hard stuff, and sometimes its knowing when to just let it go.

I have a weekly fitness class of Aerial Hoop & Silks and I just love it!

You see, I used to do gymnastics as a kid, which I adored, back when I did things just for me and for the sheer joy of it.  And Aerial fills that gap.

My problem in the recent past, however, has been low energy levels.  After I had kids I had something akin to chronic fatigue, probably adrenal fatigue, (although its only in hindsight that I see that.)

This means I am very careful not to drop back into that place of complete exhaustion, because frankly I never want to go there again!

It took me years to pluck up the courage to commit to the aerial class.  But now I have, I try to make sure that even if I feel tired I make it to class.  Its non-negotiable.  Something has to be pretty major to make me cancel class.

Here’s what happened yesterday.

I was absolutely fried after a full day running around taxi-ing kids and working in-between.

So I had to face THAT Choice.  Bail on Aerial, or do the things I know I needed to do to pull the energy back in & see how I felt.

So, I started where I knew it worked.  GREEN JUICE!  
Even though juicing can be a bit of a faff, I pushed through the resistance for 10 minutes and made myself a half litre of green lemonade.

It was bloody delicious!  Exactly what my tired body needed.

Then I took myself to bed for a rest.  The kids ate the half-price pizza I got on the way back from piano lesson.  I laid on my back breathing the life back into me. 

And in time, I’d pulled enough energy back, that I was able to take me and my teen to our favourite class!

I’m not going to claim I was bursting with energy and was outstanding in class but I made it and that felt Good!

Self care for me yesterday was to do the things I almost couldn’t be bothered to do, to get me where I really wanted to be.

So tell me, what are your favourite self-care tricks to help you through a slump?

Hit reply in the comments and tell me!