Work with me people!

Oh Mama, I get it!  You adore your babies with all your heart, (and if Daddio is in your lives you think he’s pretty cool too).  You’d fight like a Lioness to protect them.  Your motherhood isn’t in question.  You are an awesome mum, even when you don’t think you are (that’s how I know you are, that self-questioning).

And there is this voice, that says:


Remember who you are?

Sometimes it tentatively whispers with a question mark.


Remember who you are!

Sometimes it is barked with an exclamation mark.

How to keep you?  You keep everyone else (‘its in the box by the fridge, honey’).  How to keep you whole, One, Complete.

Lets find you.  Unleash the Inner Glorious You.  Lets create your Spirited Life.  Lets laugh & cry together, and wash away the grit from our souls.  Lets shine our wonderful lights out into our worlds, to make them an even better place.

I am so squealingly excited to help you craft your personal Map to your spirited life.  My work is a mixture of practical structures to help create the space for you to shine, of inner work exploring the creativity inside you, and of looking after body & soul while you head toward even greater vitality.

Will you join me on this path?  It might not always be pretty, or easy travelling, but hopefully it will be true and authentic, even when we stumble.  And if I get my way, it will be a whole heap of fun too!

Wanna come play?